[SciPy-dev] Fwd: [sage-devel] numpy in SAGE, etc.

Jonathan Guyer guyer at nist.gov
Wed Dec 13 08:42:00 CST 2006

On Dec 13, 2006, at 9:08 AM, Neal Becker wrote:

> I'm curious about this also.  Is the idea that epydoc can be hacked  
> to work
> with a hacked docutils?  So, the plan is to incorporate docutils
> modifications (so that rst2latex would recognize latex-math role),  
> and then
> to somehow hook this into epydoc?  (And, neither of these is yet  
> available
> for testing, right?)

Unhacked epydoc works with unhacked docutils right now. My hacks to  
epydoc are because I don't like how it looks on the page and too much  
of the LaTeX output is hard-coded. I refactored it so that you can  
supply your own .sty file to get the output to look the way you want  
(and I wrote a style to mimic the output that epydoc already had for  
people who like the way it was (presumably Ed Loper is one of those)).

We build our manuals (and webpage) via a "build_docs" command to our  
setup.py script. This command invokes the eypdoc command-line tool,  
which in turn imports docutils. I'm not sure what would be needed to  
get epydoc to see the latex-math role.

epydoc appeared to have stagnated for awhile, but it's been active  
lately, with the last alpha release in August and svn checkins as  
recently as ten days ago, so I think this is probably a good time to  
put our two cents in for what we'd like to see. Certainly it's a good  
time for me to bring my changes up to date and pass them back.

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