[SciPy-dev] Fwd: [sage-devel] numpy in SAGE, etc.

Gary Ruben gruben at bigpond.net.au
Sat Dec 16 01:25:49 CST 2006

In case I gave the impression I was planning to do something on this, I 
still am. It's just that I've been very busy. I am still planning to try 
to build the FiPy docs and then spin a skeleton document based on it for 
numpy, perhaps with content from the numarray docs, and another for 
scipy during the upcoming Christmas break.

Each of these docs would have one appendix which contains a reference 
built from the individual method/function docstrings. Each would also 
have another appendix of long full-module examples with LaTeX and 
plotting results. I was also going to try to write a docstring 
documentation spec as part of this.

This is quite a bit of work for me as I expect I need a few days 
preparation to get a Linux distro up to date with a build system. I 
thought the concensus was headed toward epydoc + ReST with LaTeX markup, 
so I was planning to adopt FiPy's nice model for using this. I still 
hadn't ruled out doxygen and I was planning on looking at it too to see 
if it has advantages. My guess is that either would be fine, although 
people here might be more comfortable with epydoc.

David, if this sounds like a good plan to you, perhaps you can move 
ahead with this, as it'll be a few days before I can start.

Gary R.

David Huard wrote:
> Hi all,
> I followed this thread with much interest and I wouldn't like it to die 
> without some kind of concensus being reached for the Scipy documention 
> system. Am I correct to say that Epydoc + REST/Latex seems the way to go ?
> If this is the case, what's next ? I'm not familiar with any of this, 
> but I'd be great if someone knowledgeable could define a roadmap and 
> create a couple of tickets so that people like me could contribute small 
> steps.
> Cheers,
> David

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