[SciPy-dev] time series implementation approach

Otto Tronarp otto at tronarp.se
Sat Dec 16 06:16:36 CST 2006

Quoting Matt Knox <mattknox_ca at hotmail.com>:
> Also, the origin is no longer based on the year 1850, it is based on  
>  the same 0 date mx.DateTime uses (0 AD). Secondly frequency is  
> still  not supported very well, so if you need to work with intraday  
> data,  the module probably won't work very well right now.

I haven't seen anyone raise this issue so I will. Is it really  
necessary to depend on mx.DateTime, couldn't you make do with the  
datetime module? I know that there are more functionallity available  
in mx.DateTime, but it's allways nice to stick with the standard  
library and avoid a dependency on yet-another-library.

Just a thought....


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