[SciPy-dev] Test failures for 0.5.2 on OS X

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 19:54:12 CST 2006

Tom Loredo wrote:
> Hi folks-
> I just installed numpy-1.0.1 and scipy-0.5.2 on a PPC G4 running Universal
> Python 2.4.4 on OS 10.4.8.  numpy passes all tests, but scipy.test() reports
> two warnings and three failed tests, copied below.  I do not know in what
> situation the test failures should be of concern, but the check_dot failures
> look pretty basic.  The warnings suggest two sets of tests were ignored.

The two warnings simply come from the fact that you did not build the UMFPACK
bindings. Thus, the tests for them are skipped.

The recaster features are relatively new. It seems that long doubles were not
accounted for. Please open up a ticket and assign it to the author, Matthew Brett.

The check_dot failures are more or less known. I think they may stem from
gfortran bugs as I think I recall non-Mac platforms with gfortran also giving
the same errors, but I could be wrong. If someone using Linux and gfortran could
verify (or repudiate), I would appreciate it.

Robert Kern

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