[SciPy-dev] Period table?

Darren Dale dd55 at cornell.edu
Sun Dec 17 17:36:09 CST 2006

On Sunday 17 December 2006 6:20 pm, Adam Curtis wrote:
> Well.. I can definetely sketch up a bit of code to bring the idea to life,
> but I'll need some help with the specifics.
> How would you quickly find the actual information to place in the table?
> I'm a bit too lazy to look up each element and manually hard-code in the
> data myself.

There might be something useful here:


Here is some very useful information concerning X-ray spectroscopy 


I have a set of python tools for loading the database assembled by W.T. Elam, 
but I haven't written the code for X-ray fluorescence calculations yet. 


Darren S. Dale, Ph.D.
dd55 at cornell.edu

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