[SciPy-dev] Period table?

Adam Curtis adamadamadamamiadam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 13:04:09 CST 2006

val <val <at> vtek.com> writes:

>   To me, the minimal amount of data to calculate a new data is
> an open-ended issue and a matter of quality of the calculated result.
> The docstring may include the description of how a new data is computed. 
> New (comp) methods can be added/integrated into the Element class 
> step-by-step.  E.g., widely used interpolation techniques 
> can be helpful for ranges not available (directly measured).

Yeah, I agree. While it may be convient to calculate and interpolate 
all of the data from a few primitive base values, it may not always come out
accurate, and there are many special quirks within the periodic
table itself despite its regularity.

Accuracy should be the top priority, followed by power and ease of use.

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