[SciPy-dev] TimeSeries class now sub-class of MaskedArray

David Huard david.huard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 13:23:05 CST 2006

Hi Matt,

The init script doesn't build cseries.c


2006/12/20, Matt Knox <mattknox_ca at hotmail.com>:
> I changed the basic structure of the TimeSeries class in the timeseries
> module in the sandbox. Previously it was a subclass of a new ShiftingArray
> class (code for that still available in the sandbox), but now it is just a
> subclass of MaskedArray.
> See my earlier post "time series implementation approach" for a
> description of the two approaches. Both approaches have their pros/cons, but
> the ShiftingArray approach (no defined start and end points to the
> TimeSeries with dynamic expansion to accomodate indices given to it) was
> much more complicated to implement, and potentially "un-natural" for people
> used to working with standard arrays.
> If anyone has had a chance to look at the module at all, I would be very
> interested to hear some initials thoughts and opinions (positive or
> negative). In particular, I'd like to know if people feel that this module
> is on the right track as a starting point for a timeseries module, or way
> off base and needs to be radically rethought.
> - Matt
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