[SciPy-dev] TimeSeries class now sub-class of MaskedArray

Matt Knox mattknox_ca at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 20 13:36:16 CST 2006

>  Matt, 
> The init script doesn't build cseries.c
> David

I'm not sure how I would do that really. I just have a manual script I run with hard coded paths on windows for compiling. In particular, since it uses files from the mx DateTime module during compilation, I'm not sure how I would do that in a generic way without hard coding the paths. So if someone has a generic way of doing this that they can share, that would be great.

This is what I use on windows to do it:

import sys, os

from distutils.core import setup, Extension
setup(name="cseries", version="1.0",


# to build the cseries extension, run:
#       python cseries-setup.py build_ext -i

- Matt

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