[SciPy-dev] an atttempt at sandbox/xplt

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:49:10 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> However, xplt still fills a need not met yet by matplotlib (it's *very* 
> fast comparitively and can do simple 3d surface plots). Thus it should 
> have a home somewhere.  I'm way too in love with SVN to use sourceforge 
> for its home until sourceforge gets their SVN program out of beta.

There's always Berlios.


> I should clarify a mistaken notion that Robert has though.  Despite its 
> name, xplt *is cross-platform*.  It works on Windows as well as X.  
> There is partial support for Mac-OSX, as well.   So, while I've never 
> been in-love with xplt, it can still have a useful role to play.   I 
> actually don't mind if it stays in the sandbox, but I think releases 
> should be made separately and not under the scipy namespace.

Yes, I was mistaken. Sorry about that.

Robert Kern
robert.kern at gmail.com

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