[SciPy-dev] plans for stats.py?

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Thu Feb 2 20:54:54 CST 2006

I have been trying to run some basic analyses in scipy.stats, but  
have had little success. A simple t-test using ttest_ind crashes:

In [3]: ttest_ind([4,5,6,7,3,5,7],[7,9,5,3,4,2,6])
exceptions.TypeError                                 Traceback (most  
recent call last)

/Users/chris/<ipython console>

stats.py in ttest_ind(a=array([4, 5, 6, 7, 3, 5, 7]), b=array([7, 9,  
5, 3, 4, 2, 6]), axis=0, printit=False, name1='Samp1', name2='Samp2',  
    1441     if type(t) == ArrayType:
    1442         probs = reshape(probs,t.shape)
-> 1443     if len(probs) == 1:
         global len = undefined
         probs = 0.89621601307466014
    1444         probs = probs[0]

TypeError: len() of unsized object

I get a similar result with anova.

Are there any plans in place to re-vamp this module? It is very  
poorly documented -- arguments are not described for many functions,  
for example. I am willing to begin a revision of this code, but did  
not want to step on any toes.


Christopher J. Fonnesbeck

Population Ecologist, Marine Mammal Section
Fish & Wildlife Research Institute (FWC)
St. Petersburg, FL

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Warnell School of Forest Resources
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

T: 727.235.5570
E: chris at trichech.us

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