[SciPy-dev] plans for stats.py?

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 11:13:51 CST 2006

Christopher Fonnesbeck wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2006, at 10:20 PM, Robert Kern wrote:
>> If people complain, then
>> they should know how to properly document it or fix it.
> OK, since I complained, I will try to fix it. Rather than tinker with 
> the extant code, however, I will work from scratch.

That's fine, and thank you! But what I meant was "If people complain about the
function being moved out of the main package into the sandbox, ...". Presumably,
if their code breaks because a function moves, then they know what the function
does and is supposed to be doing.

> By the way, I notice lots .lyx code in certain modules in scipy. Is 
> this a "scipy standard" for documentation? If so, I am wondering why 
> lyx rather than just plain LaTeX?

Because Travis O. likes it, and he was the one writing those particular docs.

Robert Kern
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