[SciPy-dev] Matplotlib, scipy?

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Feb 6 11:14:02 CST 2006

Hi Matthew,

(I'm moving this thread back onto a public list. It's scipy-dev now
because most of the scipy.org website discussion happens here.)

Matthew Brett wrote:

>I was just emailing Travis about the Installation pages on the Wiki. 
>I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to reorganize the
>installation information a bit, as at the moment it seems rather
>scattered across the FAQ, installation pages, and various recipes for
>different platforms.  
Yes, this is because to get the wiki going as quickly as possible I
basically tried importing information from old sources with as little
modification as possible. I didn't spend as much time on re-organization
as I would have liked. I agree that it's problematic to have an
installation instructions (not questions) in the FAQ and also in an
installation page.

>Also I noticed that there is no seperable
>installation guide for NumPy and SciPy.
Good point. This is surely because of the scipy_core phase of numpy's
existance. It should be a fairly high priority to more clearly delineate
these bits of information.

>I would be very happy to help reorganize this if there was interest.
We would be very happy for you to help reorganize. :) There is interest!

>Specifically, I would want to take the installation stuff out of the
>FAQ, and have something like this:
>Installing numpy - requirements, binary installation, building
>Installing scipy - requirements (including numpy), binary installation, building
>Building NumPy - requirements, optional, optimization, advanced
>compilation options
>ditto SciPy
>From these pages;
>Setting up C compiler for windows, linux, mac etc
>Setting up fortran compiler for etc
>Optimized BLAS/LAPACK libraries
>Does this sound sensible to you?  I am hesitant to go ahead on a
>change that big without some consensus...
I think the consensus is that we're very into review-by-wiki. I don't
think anyone considers the website structure crystallized (or even
particularly great, just better than it was before), so please feel free
to streamline it as you see fit. I only ask that any pages you decide to
delete or move be replaced with a new page containing
#redirect NewPageLocation

For those who don't know, the RecentChanges page on the website lets you
see all recent page modifications.


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