[SciPy-dev] Fwd: SciPy/NumPy website

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Feb 9 15:09:21 CST 2006

Joe Harrington wrote:
>>>>>I added Gmane links on the Mailing Lists page, and some explanatory
>>>>>text.  Are there any forum features Gmane doesn't have?  Do we need an
>>>>>open list that anyone can post to?
>>>>We've done that before and got spammed into submission, IIRC.
>>>The lists are/have been on gmane for a while.  I didn't put them
>>>there, and we don't get much spam on the lists now.  How would our
>>>linking to the existing gmane pages increase spam?  Gmane has
>>>anti-spam measures that they claim are good enough, and that they will
>>>improve if they are not.
>>Sorry, I meant allowing posting to the list for non-subscribers. IIRC, we now
>>require people to subscribe before posting because of the spam.
> Ah, understand.  It may work to allow anonymous posting to a forum
> list made for that purpose, through an interface like gmane that has
> good input spam filtering.  I don't know much about those interfaces,
> though.  Let's not, for now, unless we hear more from the users that
> it's wanted.

No need.  The verification via gmane is so easy that there's no need to change 
anything.  Non subscribers, the first time they post via gmane, will need to 
authenticate themselves _to gmane_, via an email.  Once they do that, it's 
smooth sailing.

In summary: don't change anything.  What we have keeps open spamming under 
control, and doesn't place an undue burden on posters.



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