[SciPy-dev] Fwd: SciPy/NumPy website

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Thu Feb 9 15:25:03 CST 2006

>> Ah, understand.  It may work to allow anonymous posting to a forum
>> list made for that purpose, through an interface like gmane that has
>> good input spam filtering.  I don't know much about those interfaces,
>> though.  Let's not, for now, unless we hear more from the users that
>> it's wanted.

>No need.  The verification via gmane is so easy that there's no need to change 
>anything.  Non subscribers, the first time they post via gmane, will need to 
>authenticate themselves _to gmane_, via an email.  Once they do that, it's 
>smooth sailing.

>In summary: don't change anything.  What we have keeps open spamming under 
>control, and doesn't place an undue burden on posters.

That's the same burden as signing up on our site, since gmane isn't so
popular that everyone has an account already.  But, let's wait for
complaints before making an open list nobody will subscribe to.

Jonathan, did you have additional forum features in mind that gmane
does not provide?

We need a couple of people to do the wikipedia entry.  Someone close
to code development, to ensure the story is told right, and if that
person is pressed for time maybe a user who can write well and will
pull in some graphics and a simple cookbook example.  This entry may
be important for attracting new users, so please make sure it has good
keywords for the likely searches.

Volunteers?  Should this be wikied internally and then posted, or
should we use wikipedia's wiki and do it in the open?


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