[SciPy-dev] old Scipy.org

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Fri Feb 10 15:04:11 CST 2006

My understanding was that everything anyone wanted had already been 
pulled off of the old site before I flipped the switch to the new one. 
But don't panic.

The data is fine, and in fact, the site has never been shutdown.  It 
just doesn't work very well anymore with a new domain name (and I don't 
have time at the moment to dig into plone to figure out how to change 
all of those image/css/js paths to go to the right place).

It can be reached at http://old.scipy.org

Joe Harrington wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> I've now been contacted by several people who wonder where the old
> Scipy.org site is (the Plone site).  I asked about it shortly after
> the conversion, and asked you yesterday in private email, but I have
> received no reply.  Lots of links on both our own and others's sites
> are now dead.  Joe, I hope you'll at least let us know what's up
> today.  I hope the data are not lost.  Having the old site available
> for continued conversion was a pre-conversion requirement that was
> made very clear.  I know you're very busy, but please at least let us
> know the status of the data.  We're worried.
> [If Joe is out, could someone at Enthought let us know so we don't
> interpret silence as trouble?]
> Thanks,
> --jh--

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