[SciPy-dev] scipy 0.4.6 release?

Ed Schofield schofield at ftw.at
Mon Feb 13 07:57:31 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Ed Schofield wrote:
>> I think this is a good idea.  The most recent release (0.4.4) also isn't
>> compatible with the latest NumPy (0.9.4).  I could work on making a new
>> release this weekend if people agree.
> I'll roll out NumPy 0.9.5 at the same time so we have two versions
> that work together.   There have been some bug-fixes and a few (minor)
> feature changes.

Hi Travis,

How's it going with the NumPy 0.9.5 release?  I've now built a SciPy
0.4.6 tarball and Win32 binaries against NumPy  I'm getting
one unit test failure with this version of NumPy (see below), but all
the SciPy unit tests pass for me on x86 Linux and Win32 (XP).  If you'd
like to make any more changes before NumPy 0.9.5 that require changes to
SciPy, I can re-build the binaries.  Otherwise I'll post the release
whenever you're ready.

-- Ed

ERROR: check_bug_r2089 (numpy.core.oldnumeric.test_oldnumeric.test_put)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 11, in check_bug_r2089
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/numpy/core/oldnumeric.py", line
199, in put
    return a.put(v,ind)
TypeError: array cannot be safely cast to required type

Ran 256 tests in 0.518s

FAILED (errors=1)

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