[SciPy-dev] wiki and attachments

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Mon Feb 20 05:11:08 CST 2006


for a new set of pages on MayaVi2/tvtk I wanted to
upload some files, but I did this with a wrong path.
So I ended up with two empty files
at http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook/MayaVi/tvtk?action=info
but I am not allowed to either delete or replace them.

Is there some way to replace those files?

In general: would it technically be possible that
page creators are automatically
added to the list of people which are allowed to delete
attachments for those pages?
(or does MoinMoin not allow such fine-grained access control?).
This might make updating of attachments easier.

Sorry about that,


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