[SciPy-dev] integration of Unum in scipy

DE MENTEN Sebastien sebastien.dementen at alumni.insead.edu
Mon Feb 20 21:14:07 CST 2006



I discovered one year ago Unum
(http://home.tiscali.be/be052320/Unum.html), a very useful python
package to deal with units (i.e. kg, MW, kV, ...). 

I subsequently used it in a power plant model where I could manipulate
(+,-,/,* + conversion) various quantities like fuel (GJ), power (MW,
MWh), efficiencies (MWh/GJ), half-life (hour) in a robust (ie consistent
an error-free) way.


One weakness at that time was its integration with Numeric. Using
functions such as sum, cumsum & co on Unum objects was not giving the
ideal result. Today, with the added capabilities of ufuncs (namely
array_wrap) this problem vanishes.

Hence, it could make sense to integrate it nicely with scipy.


Any thought?



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