[SciPy-dev] rv_frozen for rv_discrete RVs?

Eric Jonas jonas at mwl.mit.edu
Fri Feb 24 01:13:22 CST 2006

I've finally started playing around with the scipy.stats package, and
I note that there doesn't appear to be a pmf function in rv_frozen.

Thus, attempts to do: 

myrv = stats.poisson(0.5)
x = myrv.pmf(r_[0:100])


AttributeError: rv_frozen instance has no attribute 'pmf'

Am I missing something here? I tried simply adding:

    def pmf(self,x):
        return self.dist.pmf(x,*self.args,**self.kwds)

to stats/distributions.py and got the expected behavior, i.e. myrv.pmf
now works as expected.  I'm curious if I'm missing something, using
this incorrectly, or if it's just a simple bug :)

By the way, whoever came up with this distributions framework really
rocks my socks! 


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