[SciPy-dev] scipy.pkgload (was Re: Moving random.py)

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Sun Jan 1 16:12:19 CST 2006

Pearu Peterson wrote:

>On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Andrew Straw wrote:
>>This is great. I've made a few changes to allow the new system to work
>>with setuptools. Basically, the new patches don't assume that the
>>package __path__ variable contains only a single directory, but rather
>>searches all directories in __path__ for subpackages and modules. This
>>allows scipy_core and full scipy to both exist as .eggs without any
>>other changes. I hope you can commit this patch or something similar
>>before the release this coming week.
>Thanks for the patch. I have applied the patch with modifications. I 
>haven't test it with eggs, so, could give a try.

It works fine. Thanks.

Incidentally, this means that eggs with "namespace packages" will work
with scipy now. In other words, we could implement "scikits" that are
distributed separately but reside in the scipy.* namespace with no
further work (for both egg-based and normal distributions). And then
there's the question of whether this is a good idea...

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