[SciPy-dev] poll for renaming scipy_core online

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jan 2 21:19:19 CST 2006

eric jones wrote:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>>2. It increases the value of numerix as a base layer for third-party 
>>scientific packages.  I think authors will appreciate getting a few really 
>>good utilities for writing python scientific software, without making the full 
>>scipy a dependency.
>>Weave (I think) also falls into this category, but its maintenance difficulty 
>>seems to tilt the decision in the direction of moving it to full scipy.  I 
>>wish I could commit to maintaining it in numerix, but I really can't, and I 
>>understand Travis' desire to have numerix be a rock-solid, no-hassles-to-adopt 
>>foundation.  It would be fantastic if someone with a C++ penchant wanted to 
>>pick this ball up.
> I would love to say yes but am up to my ears in other commitments.  
> Everyone is back in the office tomorrow, so I'll talk it over with them 
> and see if we can come up with a strategy for maintaining weave. 

I think it's worth mentioning that weave up to the transition into the new 
scipy (I haven't really checked since) was working fairly well.  All the bugs 
I had been seeing related to either compiler warnings or spurious 
recompilations had been fixed, and with the inclusion of the blitz 0.9 
sources, things work even with gcc4.  So this isn't really a major development 
commitment, but rather one of 'being there' if the need arises, I think.

However, since I was the first to say I couldn't do it myself, I understand 
your position  :)  I just wanted to give a brief overview of where I think 
things stand.  Perhaps someone else can contribute some additional, more 
recent info (specifically re. weave and scipy-current) if the above is 
incorrect or misleading.

For many scientific users it may not really be an issue, as they will probably 
(I know I will) always have the full scipy around.  It's really more for 
third-party developers who want to use the core array package and attending 
utilities, for whom weave falling on the numerix rather than the scipy side of 
the fence, may be a significant convenience win.



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