[SciPy-dev] poll for renaming scipy_core online

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 3 00:26:20 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Doh...   Weave *was* working, but I changed the C-API a couple of 
> iterations ago for consistency and this function is called something 
> else.   This is an example of why I'm uncomfortable with it in the core: 
> it's just not on my radar...

Putting even something as simple as

weave.inline('std::cout << "hello\\n";')

and other one-liners like

weave.blitz('x+1;')  # this doesn't work either

would help keep it on the radar (yours or anyone else's).  With a codebase the 
size and complexity of scipy, we really need the test harness to be as tight 
as possible (not that I have any authority to say this: ipython is 18.000 
lines of python and not ONE line of testing code; it's like flying a 747 with 
no instruments and the cockpit windows painted black...)  But hey, do as I say 
and all that ;)



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