[SciPy-dev] Renaming scipy_core ???

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Jan 3 01:04:34 CST 2006

It sounds like a lot of people are in favor of numerix.  I'm not sure 
I'm completely sold on the name yet.  I'm concerned about name clashes 
with current uses of the numerix label in Python.

What about psipi (which could then have a cool label like $\psi \pi$ 
;-)  Or some other clever name that is completely new?  My wife 
suggested "venom"  --- but that is already used by another Python project.

But, regardless, I don't want the name of what is currently in 
scipy.base to be ndarray, because I would prefer the ndarray object to 
be in the numerix name space.  In other words, I would rather have all 
what is now in base installed to the numerix name-space directly, so no 
need to come up with a separate name (unless we want the numerix 
directory under site-packages to be cleaner in which case numerix.core 
or numerix.base or numerix.lib would suffice as the *full* package name.

Then we would still have:

numerix.fft            (with the fft function fft in this name-space as 

(I've already removed weave and placed it in full scipy for now.   
Fernando seems to be the only one clamoring for it, but is unable to 
maintain it ;-) )

I'll hold off on this until tomorrow, but we need a new name *very soon* 
because I agree with Joe Harrington that the work actually just needs to 
be done to convert to it.  

Thanks for all of the comments.  Keep them coming. 


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