[SciPy-dev] Renaming scipy_core ???

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 3 01:15:25 CST 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> (I've already removed weave and placed it in full scipy for now.   
> Fernando seems to be the only one clamoring for it, but is unable to 
> maintain it ;-) )
> I'll hold off on this until tomorrow, but we need a new name *very soon* 
> because I agree with Joe Harrington that the work actually just needs to 
> be done to convert to it.  
> Thanks for all of the comments.  Keep them coming. 

Well, here's my dying gasp in battle :)

My idea of ndarray is simply to keep the pure array functionality fairly 
standalone, thinking of potential inclusion of that part in the python core at 
some point, or of the needs of embedders, py2exe, py2app users, etc.  I never 
thought that a user would ever do

from numerix.ndarray import ...

because we'd have, in the numerix __init__ file,

__all__ = numerix.__all__ + ['more','stuff']

Numerix will always be the well-rounded project, the collection of basic 
scientific packages, and the namespace for everyday use.  All examples, 
tutorials, etc, will use

import numerix as some_really_convenient_shorthand

x = some_really_convenient_shorthand.linspace(0,1,100)

But if somebody comes one day asking for 'how can I strip just the array piece 
out so py2exe can build the smallest package possible for my project to ship', 
it would be nice to say: 'just grab the ndarray package standalone, and write 
your code to do all array imports from ndarray'.

So there, now I die :)



ps - at this point, I really won't fight: I am _thriled_ to see the name 
changed, and that's all I really care.  The ndarray thing is (thin) icing on 
the cake, and I'm trying to lose weight :)

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