[SciPy-dev] commentary system

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 3 01:42:12 CST 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Hi,
> for those not following Doc-SIG/Python-Dev, the commentary system looks
> very interesting.
> (Maybe it could also be used in modified form for the SciPy live-docs)

Yup, just saw that.  BTW, if anyone is going to test it, the action to put in 
a comment is a double-click (not obvious, at least to me).  I was just 
thinking also on how this would fit with a Wiki, though.  In a sense, this 
came about on python-dev/doc-sig due to the problems with the python standard 
docs, and the process for those being seen as too rigid.

Now that for scipy we have the new moin site, which I expect to grow into a 
nice collection of examples, cookbook-type recipes and other useful 
information, perhaps this isn't such a concern.  We don't have a large body of 
existing LaTeX docs to worry about (though ironically, in this group that 
would be FAR less of a problem than it is for python-dev), and it may be that 
the Moin site alone is flexible enough to create nice docs.

we'll see...



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