[SciPy-dev] Renaming scipy_core: winner is *numerix*

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Jan 3 15:12:03 CST 2006

It looks like the name of the new package will be numerix.  Thanks to 
all who offered suggestions.   The numerix name is the favorite on the 
straw poll and in the comments to the list.  There were no deal-breaker 
negative comments either...

There are a few other people using the name (OCaml library, a financial 
company, etc.).  There is also a group of Python PETSci users who seem 
to want to create their own numerical world rather than help make the 
one we are trying to use better (read Phil Austin's post...).  But, it 
looks like that Python group is trying to rename their stuff so I don't 
think it's a problem.  Besides numerix has been in use in matplotlib for 
at least a couple of years, right?

The numerix directory will contain the following sub-packages:

   core/ --- the basic arrayobject only and it's standard sub-classes.

The core sub-package will also have its name-space placed in the numerix 

   lib/ --- extra functions using core (mlab, polynomial, function_base, 
   dft/                    (fft, ifft will also be brought up to the 
numerix name-space)
   random/            (rand, randn will also be brought up to the 
numerix name-space)

Will be the remaining sub-packages...  The new pkgloader facility will 
be present in numerix.   This may take a while to convert.  I'll make a 
branch of svn to do it called numerix.  If anybody has time to help, 
please let me know and dive in.   There are lots of names to fix....  
I'd still like to get something out by tomorrow.



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