[SciPy-dev] Now new svn of numpy is ready

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jan 4 23:57:55 CST 2006

Fernando Perez wrote:

> This is a sign that numpy is pulling in dependencies from scipy, since the 
> _presence_ of scipy is causing differences in the behavior of numpy.
> I'll keep digging...

The culprits:

abdul[numpy]> pwd

abdul[numpy]> svup
At revision 1812.

abdul[numpy]> egrep -r scipy * | egrep -v 'Binary file|\.svn|numpy/doc'
numpy/lib/polynomial.py:    import scipy.signal
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    import scipy.fftpack
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    fft = scipy.fftpack.fft
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    ifft = scipy.fftpack.ifft
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    fftn = scipy.fftpack.fftn
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    ifftn = scipy.fftpack.ifftn
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    fft2 = scipy.fftpack.fft2
numpy/dft/__init__.py:    ifft2 = scipy.fftpack.ifft2
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:# re-define duplicated functions if full scipy installed.
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    import scipy.linalg
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    inv = scipy.linalg.inv
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    svd = scipy.linalg.svd
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    solve = scipy.linalg.solve
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    det = scipy.linalg.det
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    eig = scipy.linalg.eig
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    eigvals = scipy.linalg.eigvals
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    lstsq = scipy.linalg.lstsq
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    pinv = scipy.linalg.pinv
numpy/linalg/__init__.py:    cholesky = scipy.linalg.cholesky
setup.py:            maintainer_email = "scipy-dev at scipy.org",
setup.py:            url = "http://numeric.scipy.org",

All those references to scipy in numpy have to go, else we have funny 



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