[SciPy-dev] Updated OS X build instructions -- test

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Fri Jan 6 12:53:38 CST 2006

On Jan 6, 2006, at 1:49 PM, Tom Loredo wrote:

> Just to clarify, since I'm about to try an install on OS X and
> have to provide tarballs to students in a few days---does this
> mean all OS X users should be using SVN numpy, not the most recent
> release?  Is the problem only on Tiger (I use Panther as my
> G3 laptop won't support Tiger)?

I have Python eggs of both numpy and scipy from svn at http:// 
trichech.us, built with gcc 3.3 and Python 2.4.2, if this saves you  
any effort. I will be providing pretty regular updates for all these  


Christopher J. Fonnesbeck

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T: 727.235.5570
E: chris at trichech.us

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