[SciPy-dev] NumPy import problem.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 6 16:29:43 CST 2006

Robert Kern wrote:

>>This is precisely why pep-328, which I recently mentioned, is going to be at 
>>some point enforced.  I've also been bitten more than once by this.
> I'm not sure PEP 328 affects this case. The "new" module is in the standard
> library, and Chuck's new.py file wasn't in a package. The problem would still
> exist in a PEP-328 world, I think.

It would help if 'new' was in his $PWD, which is currently picked up by 
'import'.  But you are right, even after PEP 328, conflicts in PYTHONPATH are 
still possible, as I mentioned in my other post, that PEP only kills _some_ 
forms of this confusion, not all.



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