[SciPy-dev] f2py numpy array error

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Sun Jan 8 20:45:08 CST 2006

I have some f2py code that takes arrays as arguments. Unfortunately,  
the didnt seem to survive the move to numpy:

(Pdb) p p
array([ 0.1,  0.1])
(Pdb) _binomial(x, n, p)
*** TypeError: flib.binomial() 3rd argument (p) can't be converted to  

As you can see, the third argument (p) is clearly a float, yet it  
does not work. Here is the corresponding FORTRAN:

       SUBROUTINE binomial(x,n,p,m,like)

c Binomial log-likelihood function

cf2py integer dimension(m),intent(in) :: x
cf2py integer intent(in) :: n
cf2py real intent(in) :: p
cf2py integer intent(hide),depend(x) :: m=len(x)
cf2py real intent(out) :: like

       REAL like,p
       INTEGER n,m,i
       INTEGER x(m)

       like = 0.0
       do i=1,m
         like = like + x(i)*log(p) + (n-x(i))*log(1.-p)
         like = like + factln(n)-factln(x(i))-factln(n-x(i))

Christopher J. Fonnesbeck

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Fish & Wildlife Research Institute (FWC)
St. Petersburg, FL

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Warnell School of Forest Resources
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

T: 727.235.5570
E: chris at trichech.us

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