[SciPy-dev] Advice on numpy/scipy namespace issue (ipython etc.)

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jan 9 01:24:44 CST 2006

Tom Loredo wrote:

> "ipython -p scipy" imports top-level scipy into its namespace, but not
> top-level numpy.  This doesn't seem right to me---surely one will be
> using array and zeros more often than fftpack---but the "import *"
> issue has to be settled if we want "-p scipy" to have all the
> handy numpy stuff at its top level.

Note that, while Pearu did address this issue already, it's worth mentioning 
that profiles live in a user-writeable directory (~/.ipython), so you can 
customize the default scipy profile (~/.ipython/ipythonrc-scipy) to do exactly 
what you need it to.

I will release ipython 0.7.0 on Tuesday, but I don't think I'll change the 
scipy profile yet, as this is still far too experimental.  Hopefully when 
0.7.1 rolls around with the inevitable bugfixes (0.7.0 has a TON of new 
features), numpy/scipy will have settled enough that I'll switch the default 
profile to use them.  This isn't really much of a restriction, though, since 
with the namespace update things work again much as they used to.



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