[SciPy-dev] SciPy 0.4.4 release progress

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Jan 9 22:20:27 CST 2006

Ed Schofield wrote:

>On 10/01/2006, at 1:01 AM, Ed Schofield wrote:
>>I can edit the wiki fine, but I have no
>>idea how to upload file attachments with MoinMoin.  In theory it
>>should be possible, right? ;)
>Okay, I worked out how to include attachments.  But it doesn't seem a  
>satisfactory way to distribute files ... it seems to require users to  
>click on the "More actions" list box to actually see the files (and  
>doesn't have SF's nice mirroring system).  So I suppose SF would be  
>better, unless there's some other file release facility on the new  
>website I'm missing ...
On the new wiki, you should be able to make a link to an attachment with
"attachment:scipy-0.4.4.tar.gz". But I'm not sure how good the wiki
software (MoinMoin)is for serving large files. It's probably best to
make a link to something posted elsewhere like


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