[SciPy-dev] [SciPy-user] Failed build w/ mingw

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Jan 17 18:19:43 CST 2006

Travis Brady wrote:

> With SVN updated 5 minutes ago I receive (with win2k, msys, mingw and 
> Python 2.4):
> building 'scipy.montecarlo.intsampler' extension
> compiling C sources


> :\Python24\libs -LC:\Python24\PCBuild -Lbuild\temp.win32-2.4 
> -lpython24 -lmsvcr7
> 1 -o build\lib.win32-2.4\scipy\montecarlo\intsampler.pyd" failed with 
> exit status 1
> removed Lib\__svn_version__.py
> removed Lib\__svn_version__.pyc
This example shows the need for a more organized way of moving packages 
from the sandbox to the main SciPy distribution.  While we don't 
sub-packages in the sandbox to stay forever hidden, we do need a fairly 
organized way to approve sub-packages being included in the main SciPy 

I remember that Robert Kern had written a series of requirements at one 
point.  Perhaps he would dig those up and revise them and post them as a 
starting point for discussion. 

In the mean time, at the very least, a move from the sandbox to SciPy,  
should be prefaced by a posting to the scipy-dev list (and perhaps even 
the scipy-user list) and some discussion.   This will give everybody who 
may be thinking of similar packages a chance to have their ideas heard, 
before a specific interface is decided on de-facto.

I don't want the process of moving to SciPy to be too overly formal and 
difficult, but it should represent at least some consensus.  In 
addition, we need to make sure that packages moved over do not break 
builds on some platforms --- especially widely used platforms.


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