[SciPy-dev] ASP, wiki, renaming Topical Software

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 30 13:48:29 CST 2006

Kudos to Andrew Straw and all web contributors!  I'm looking forward
to having a "no apologies" web site at scipy.org again.  The new site
is definitely ready.  I've moved Web from the first to the last topic
on the ASP page, leaving Documentation as the top focus going

I've linked the ASP page under Developer Zone.  The page has two
goals: to give thoughts on what needs to be done (the roadmap link),
and to serve as a place for defining, organizing, and doing projects
(the rest of the ASP page).  The latter is a sort of topical "Who's
Who", with topics being added, people listing themselves under the
projects they're working on, and users/new helpers finding project
leads.  If nothing else, this should help reduce mailing list traffic
of the "who is taking care of xxxx" sort.  However, this page has only
a fraction of active workers and projects listed.  Is this because the
old Plone site was annoying, or because people don't want to bother?
Would it be better to have a page named "Who's Who" under Developer
Zone, and link the ASP roadmap separately?  The page isn't useful if
people don't list themselves, so please do.

There are several links that are now broken, or soon will be, from
pages that don't appear to be migrated (Numeric Compatibility, Doc
Tools, Tutorial).  Is the first of these now irrelevant, or more
properly a NumPy vs. Numeric rather than SciPy vs. Numeric issue?  I
hope the authors of these pages will migrate them.

Some wiki questions: Why are h3 and h4 headings no different from h2?
In several places, I had to say "http://new.scipy.org/Wiki/..." in
order to get a link address to be hidden behind its text.  Probably
others had to do this as well, unless they figured out something I
didn't.  So, when the site goes live, these will all have to change.
Can that be automated?

Finally, I'd like to consider renaming "Topical Software".  This page
has a link to every Python package that is vaguely of use to
scientists and engineers.  It's also a top-level heading on the main
page, and the heading isn't speaking to me (at least).  Some ideas:

Add-on Software
Add-on Software Index
Additional Software
Additional Software Index	
Application Software		but it isn't all really application software
Application Software Index	but it isn't all really application software
Software Index			not clear it's separate from SciPy
Topical Software		if it ain't broke...

If there's interest in renaming, I'll put a renaming vote grid at the
top of the Topical Software page.  Let me know by private email if you
agree it should be renamed.  If I get 10 positive emails I'll hang a
vote grid off the Topical page and send another email to the list.

Again, many thanks to those who have contributed to new.scipy.org!


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