[SciPy-dev] ASP, wiki, renaming Topical Software

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Mon Jan 30 16:31:57 CST 2006

Hi Joe,

A quick response to one question. I hope to respond in greater detail to 
the rest of your email later.

Joe Harrington wrote:

>In several places, I had to say "http://new.scipy.org/Wiki/..." in
>order to get a link address to be hidden behind its text.  Probably
>others had to do this as well, unless they figured out something I
There is a way. See, for example, the Cookbook page. That page has the 
following link (in raw wiki), which I think is an example of what you're 
trying to do:

[:Cookbook/Pyrex_and_NumPy: Pyrex and NumPy]

That should let you link anything within the wiki without reverting to absolute URLs. Let's keep our links that way so we don't have headaches when the URL changes.

>So, when the site goes live, these will all have to change.
>Can that be automated?
Not easily, so let's do it like above.


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