[SciPy-dev] The new SciPy.org

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Tue Jan 31 11:28:51 CST 2006

More random comments on the web site...

I edited the front-page text, so if you care about that, please take a
look.  In particular, I moved the web-editing stuff to Developer Zone
and removed the reference to the non-existent demos.

Mailing lists are hidden under Documentation.  I don't think anyone
will find them there (I found them by accident, after assuming they
were not yet migrated).  They should be under a nav tab of their own.
I propose adding a heading for them.  Possible names (in my preference

Mailing Lists

I also merged and updated the content of the old ASP page into
Developer Zone, moving the ASP blurb itself to the bottom.  My hope is
that project leads will identify themselves in the areas they work in,
and that people who are looking to help in areas without a lead will
likewise sign up there.  It's also important to have a complete
listing (with links to project pages elsewhere) of all the doc,
tutorial, cookbook, etc. efforts that are underway.  The Documentation
tab just has the finished products, as is appropriate.  Does it make
sense to put docs under Trac?

The plotting tutorial looks like a lot of the recipes.  Should it be
moved?  The link to the old version is broken.

Demos are specifically to attract non-users to try out the packages.
Do we need separate Demos and Cookbook pages?  Or perhaps a Demos page
that just links to a selection of good recipes?  Or an indicator on
the Cookbook page that a given demo is safe for beginners?  I'm
concerned about sending new users into the Cookbook page to explore,
and the first thing they find is a NumPy demo that shows how to use
the C-API.  Some of these people know that C is a programming
language, and what API stands for...some...  The rest will run

As time goes on, I'll have many more comments like this.  I could just
go make the changes, but I don't want to step on others' toes.  We
should agree on what kinds of changes are ok just to go and make, and
what needs discussion.


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