[SciPy-dev] ARPACK wrappers

Neilen Marais nmarais at sun.ac.za
Fri Jul 14 10:47:34 CDT 2006


I saw some mention of this in scipy-user a while ago. I'm quite
motivated to attempt the wrapping of ARPACK, since I'm driven by
personal need :) Anyway, I'd like to hear thaughts on how to go about

My current (limited) thinking is to use f2py for the ARPACK "utility"
functions, and then to port the example "driver" functions to python,
calling the wrapped ARPACK utility functions. The pythonised driver
functions should be the interface that the user sees, and should allow
the specification of matrix solution strategy (if appropriate) etc.

Unfortunately I'm going to start 6 weeks of RealWork (tm) on Monday, so
I probably won't spend much time on the project till end August, but I
think we should at least get some discussion rolling.

Caveat: I have squat experience with ARPACK, so this will be my first
use of it :)


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