[SciPy-dev] Moving stsci into the main scipy library

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Wed Jul 26 13:32:01 CDT 2006

I'd like to propose moving the stsci package (which contains the 
convolve and image sub-packages from numarray) into SciPy from the sandbox.

These packages duplicate some of the features available in other 
packages and a better solution might be to merge the functionality into 
other packages.

However, this will take work and time.  Right now, my main concern is 
giving numarray users who depended on those packages an immediate 
working mechanism for using them.  The ndimage package is already in 
SciPy.  Creating an stsci package will allow numarray converts to 
install scipy to get access to their familiar code.

Users not afraid of a compile could check-out just these packages and 
install them.  Users who rely on binary installations will want the 
stsci package to get built and that means it needs to be in the main 


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