[SciPy-dev] Status of interpolate.interp2d

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Jun 12 16:37:53 CDT 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 17:12:07 -0400
"David Huard" <david.huard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Line 41 in interpolate.py should read
> if rank(self.x) > 2 or rank(self.y) > 2:
> instead of
> if self.x > 2 or rank(self.y) > 2:
> When this is fixed and I call it to evaluate z at some point x,y, it
> complains that it has no attribute tck. In fact, it seems that the spline is
> not evaluated during __init__.  Should I understand that interp2d is getting
> a rehaul and is currently broken ? If so, I'd like to help since I need it.

Looks like interp2d was broken. I fiddled with it until calls to stuff
matched the docstrings of other stuff (yes, I don't really know how to use
it :-).

From the log, Travis touched it at the end of May, so he may have broken it.
There's no test case for it, so that's quite possible.

So it may work now. If it does, send us a test case, then we can make sure it
doesn't break again :D

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