[SciPy-dev] Numpy tests crash on FC3, Py-2.4.3

Tom Loredo loredo at astro.cornell.edu
Thu Jun 22 15:37:40 CDT 2006

Hi folks,

Doing housecleaning today---updating to Py 2.4.3 and the latest
numpy/scipy/mpl on a linux (FC3) box.  Alas, numpy-0.9.8 tests 
give a segfault:

>>> import numpy
>>> numpy.__version__
>>> numpy.test(1,1)
  Found 5 tests for numpy.distutils.misc_util
  Found 3 tests for numpy.lib.getlimits
  Found 30 tests for numpy.core.numerictypes
  Found 13 tests for numpy.core.umath
  Found 1 tests for numpy.core.scalarmath
  Found 8 tests for numpy.lib.arraysetops
  Found 42 tests for numpy.lib.type_check
  Found 95 tests for numpy.core.multiarray
  Found 3 tests for numpy.dft.helper
  Found 36 tests for numpy.core.ma
  Found 9 tests for numpy.lib.twodim_base
  Found 2 tests for numpy.core.oldnumeric
  Found 9 tests for numpy.core.defmatrix
  Found 1 tests for numpy.lib.ufunclike
  Found 35 tests for numpy.lib.function_base
  Found 1 tests for numpy.lib.polynomial
  Found 6 tests for numpy.core.records
  Found 19 tests for numpy.core.numeric
  Found 4 tests for numpy.lib.index_tricks
  Found 46 tests for numpy.lib.shape_base
  Found 0 tests for __main__
..................................................Segmentation fault

More verbosely:

>>> numpy.test(10,10)
  Found 5 tests for numpy.distutils.misc_util
Warning: No test file found in /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/numpy/core/tests for module <module
'numpy.core.info' from '...e-packages/numpy/core/info.pyc'>


  Found 0 tests for __main__
check_1 (numpy.distutils.tests.test_misc_util.test_appendpath) ... ok
check_2 (numpy.distutils.tests.test_misc_util.test_appendpath) ... ok
check_3 (numpy.distutils.tests.test_misc_util.test_appendpath) ... ok


test_priority (numpy.core.tests.test_umath.test_special_methods) ... ok
test_wrap (numpy.core.tests.test_umath.test_special_methods) ... ok
check_types (numpy.core.tests.test_scalarmath.test_types)Segmentation fault

I'm guessing that since this is a release (and not from SVN), that not
all Fedora users are having this problem.  If anyone can suggest 
something that may be wrong on my end that I could fix, please let
me know.  I'm reporting it here in case it's a real bug.  I've seen
a few test failure reports in recent digests, but not on FC3.

I thought I'd next try SVN, but the latest digest message has
encouraged me to hold off a day....


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