[SciPy-dev] Anyone know how to get SciPy on MacBook Pro Intel

Jeff Whitaker jswhit at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 29 16:02:18 CDT 2006

Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I just got a nice shiny MacBook Pro with the Intel chip.  It looks like 
> a nice and slick piece of hardware.
> Besides the ugly issues of fat-binaries, fink vs. darwinports, etc. it 
> looks like g77 has not been ported to the Mac Intel.
> I've heard reports that gfortran does not work for SciPy.  I was able to 
> get the sources to compile but then had linking errors on import (is 
> that the usual behavior other people see).
> Anyway, I've played with it too long.  I'd hate to see my macbook pro go 
> under-utilized because I can't get SciPy working on it.
> -Travis

Travis:  One option is fink (http://fink.sf.net).  'fink install 
scipy-py24' will get you python 2.4 with numpy and scipy (built with g95).


p.s.  If you go that route and have problems, let me know - I'm the 
maintainer of the fink scipy package.

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