[SciPy-dev] eig_banded

Nils Wagner nwagner at iam.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Jun 30 07:24:49 CDT 2006

     Eigenvalues and Decompositions:

       eig        --- Find the eigenvalues and vectors of a square matrix
       eigvals    --- Find the eigenvalues of a square matrix
       lu         --- LU decomposition of a matrix
       lu_factor  --- LU decomposition returning unordered matrix and pivots
       lu_solve   --- solve Ax=b using back substitution with output of 
       svd        --- Singular value decomposition of a matrix
       svdvals    --- Singular values of a matrix
       diagsvd    --- construct matrix of singular values from output of svd
       orth       --- construct orthonormal basis for range of A using svd
       cholesky   --- Cholesky decomposition of a matrix
       cho_factor --- Cholesky decomposition for use in solving linear 
       cho_solve  --- Solve previously factored linear system
       qr         --- QR decomposition of a matrix
       schur      --- Schur decomposition of a matrix
       rsf2csf    --- Real to complex schur form
       hessenberg --- Hessenberg form of a matrix

An entry for eig_banded is missing.


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