[SciPy-dev] Patch fixing problems in integrate/ode.py for banded systems

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Fri Mar 3 15:09:59 CST 2006

Jesper Friis <jesper.friis at material.ntnu.no> writes:

> Here is a small patch (just 2 lines) that enters the size of the upper 
> and lower diagonals in the work arrays before calling DVODE. Without 
> this patch DVODE will return immediately, complaining about illegal input.

I've applied it to svn.

> Another minor problem with the interface to DVODE is that the function 
> calculating the Jacobian is expected to return a matrix of size NROWPD 
> by len(y), where NROWPD unfortunately is not provided as an argument to 
> the Jacobian function in the python interface. For trigonal systems 
> NROWPD is e.g. 4 and not 3 as one would expect. On the other hand is an 
> error message is printed when a matrix of the wrong size is returned,
> so this problem is easy to fix...

Open a ticket for this on our Trac wiki at
so we don't lose track.

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