[SciPy-dev] broken scipy.optimize.anneal

Tim Leslie tim.leslie at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 00:12:40 CST 2006

Hi all,

I posted to scipy-users earlier today asking about using multiple parameters
with scipy.optimize.anneal. After fiddling with the code for a while to get
it to work I've decided that the whole module is fairly broken.

pylint and pychecker showed up a number of unused variables and imports,
reading the code led me to missing imports, uncommenting the test code in
the __main__ section caused breakage and there are any number of problems if
you try to use multiple parameters for your function :-)

I've started work on fixing all these issues, I was wondering if anyone on
the list wanted to claim rights over this module and have a say in any of
the changes that might happen. The comments at the top of the file claim:

## Automatically adapted for scipy Oct 07, 2005 by convertcode.py

# Author: Travis Oliphant 2002

If noone has any objections I'll open a ticket and submit a patch when I'm


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