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Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 17:23:53 CST 2006

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> I hesitate to speak to this, but I am willing to convey the 
> developer view back to Tim Davis.
> Alan Isaac
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> From: Tim Davis <davis at cise.ufl.edu> 
> Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 11:36:30 -0500 
> Subject: Re: CSparse license 
> To: Alan Isaac <aisaac at american.edu> 
> CSparse uses LGPL, not GPL.  Isn't that compatible with SciPy? 

CSparse code and SciPy code can live side by side in a project just fine. The
licenses are compatible in that respect.

However, the SciPy project tries not to include code with licenses more
restrictive than the BSD license. Among other reasons, the BSD license is short
enough to be understandable by non-lawyers. I still think that there is value to
keeping the scipy package wholly BSD-licensed as much as possible. Using
BSD-licensed code is essentially a no-brainer; it's compatible with essentially
everything and entails only the smallest of commitments.

If people want to wrap CSparse for SciPy, this would be an excellent seed for
Fernando's SciPy Kits idea. scikits.csparse, anyone?

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