[SciPy-dev] ndimage & numpy

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 10 03:19:23 CST 2006

Hi all,

I spent some time today trying to get


working with numpy instead of it requiring numarray (and numpy as well).....

I have found some issues with types in the ndimage extension code. For
the time being, I
have fixed these shamefully by copying things as necessary to Float64
and converting
back later -- these are the two functions in the attached file numpyfix.py.

If anyone is interested, I have put a patch here


and attached a simple file numpyfix.py which should be placed in the


directory. The patch passes all but 11 unittests in


at least by my reckoning, and 10 of these are about ndimage.label (so 
effectively only one function is failing). The other failure concerns 
accuracy for gaussian_filter.

In theory, I would imagine that the fix in numpyfix.py can be rewritten
so that no actual copying
takes place, but I haven't gotten that far yet. BUT, even if I try to
call .astype, copying to something that the ndimage extension code seems
to accept, I get the same errors. This seems to mean that for an input


is somehow not being set properly as I am calling it.

-- Jonathan

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