[SciPy-dev] ***[Possible UCE]*** [integrate|interpolate|optimize]/common_routines.py

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Mar 10 03:42:52 CST 2006

Tim Leslie wrote:
> There is a common_routines.py file in 3 packages. Looking at the diffs 
> between the 3 of them it seems to me that they all originated in a 
> single file at one point which was moved into each package at some 
> point and each has evolved on it's own since then.
> The integrate package doesn't use common_routines.py at all, so it 
> seems it could at least be removed from there.
> myasarray() is only used in interpolate/fitpack.py
> check_func() is only used in optimize/minpack.py
> Does someone "more official" than me want to look into this? Should I 
> open a ticket+patch with a possible solution?

Thanks for looking over this.

I've committed a fix that removes the common_routines.py files and moves 
the functions to the files that use them (if necessary).  The myasarray 
function is replaced with atleast_1d.


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