[SciPy-dev] ndimage & numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Mar 10 06:24:28 CST 2006

Jonathan Taylor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I spent some time today trying to get
>      scipy.sandbox.ndimage
> working with numpy instead of it requiring numarray (and numpy as 
> well).....

Thanks for your work. 

I've taken your work and removed the typecasting (the image processing 
works with a lot of types).  The type problem was due to the fact that 
numpy.int32 did not correspond exactly with the c-type PyArray_INT32 
(which nd_image is checking against).  

Thus, numpy needed fixing to accomodate this use case.  

The fix is in SVN (revision 2214)

I checked in the bulk of your changes to SciPy.    I'm getting 6 errors 
for the test.py program now.

This is very great news.  As soon as we squash those errors we will move 
nd_image up to mainstream scipy.


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