[SciPy-dev] ***[Possible UCE]*** Re: [integrate|interpolate|optimize]/common_routines.py

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Mar 10 07:53:45 CST 2006

Tim Leslie wrote:
> On 3/11/06, *Travis Oliphant* <oliphant.travis at ieee.org 
> <mailto:oliphant.travis at ieee.org>> wrote:
>     Tim Leslie wrote:
>     > Looks good. Could someone fill me in on what the "Possible UCE"
>     in the
>     > subject is about?
>     >
>     Sorry,  it's the IEEE spam-flagging mechanism.  It tags my email
>     that it
>     thinks are spam with this in the header.   I'll try to remember to
>     remove it when responding...
> Cool. While I've got your ear, I've been reading through a lot of the 
> numpy and scipy code the past week, doing trivial cleanups and the 
> such, and one thing that I keep seeing is "from numpy import *". Is 
> this just a result of laziness (I understand :-) or is there some 
> reason we want the whole numpy namespace in some places?

Laziness.   The from numpy import * stuff is great for interactive work, 
but we should really control our namespaces better in numpy (and scipy).

> I'm happy to clean these up and only import the stuff that's needed 
> but I thought I should check first that this isn't going to break 
> something on a fundamental level.

Please fix it.  As long as all the names are resolved I don't see how it 
would break anything. 


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