[SciPy-dev] nonexistant numpy.fastumath used in scipy

Tim Leslie tim.leslie at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 02:58:13 CST 2006

The numpy.fastumath is used in the following places

timl at penrose:~/scipy$ rgrep fastumath * | grep -v svn
Lib/cluster/tests/vq_test.py:from numpy.fastumath import *
Lib/sandbox/ga/parallel_pop.py:from numpy.fastumath import *
Lib/sandbox/ga/gene.py:from numpy.fastumath import *
Lib/sandbox/ga/scaling.py:from numpy.fastumath import *
Lib/sandbox/ga/selection.py:from numpy.fastumath import *

but doesn't seem to exist in numpy

timl at penrose:~/scipy$ rgrep fastumath ../numpy/* | grep -v svn
timl at penrose:~/scipy$

Not sure how to resolve this, but I thought I'd bring it up for someone to
look into.


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